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We at Zeiierman have over 8 years of experience building trading indicators and systems that bring value to traders around the globe.

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With the use of cutting edge technologies, we are able to create unique and highly innovative trading tools that empower you as a trader. Our tools are built by professional traders for traders, we know what works and doesn't. We have taken years of experience and developed tools that make a difference.

Data-Driven Algorithms

Our algorithms analyzing the market in real-time and map it with historical data to provide relevant insights.

Advanced noise-filtering techniques

Our tools do all the noise-filtering for you and leave us with accurate signals.

Cutting edge indicators/system

We provide you with up-to-date tools that cover all aspects of profitable trading. Get Buy & Sell signals in real-time through push notifications. Our algorithms analyze the market for you.

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Our Focus

Our focus and priority are to provide you with the tools and skills to be a profitable trader!  Join our team and be part of something bigger! 


Increase Profit Potential

Gain an Edge with our tools and unlock the true profit potential! With our tools, you will only take the trades that have the highest potential for success.

Well Proven Strategies

Get instant access to well-proven strategies. We have Indicators and Systems that suit all trading styles. Create your unique setup, or use our predefined strategies!

Well Proven Setups

We offer you all kind of trading setups, everything in between scalping and trend trading.

Skills for Success

We don't only give you the tools for successful trading, we give you the skills need for long-term success

Emotion Free Trading

Emotion can be devastating in trading. At Zeiierman you can rely on well-proven indicators/systems that give you the confidence needed.

Effortless Trading

Trading can be frustrating and complicated when you don’t know what to focus on. To be a profitable trader you need tools that give clarity, embraces simplicity, and a well-proven strategy. We at Zeiierman give you all that. Clarity- Simplicity – Strategies

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Connect with an interactive group of traders who share trade ideas & knowledge. Get access to support, free education, and strategies.

We offer all you need as a trader.

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You can feel comfortable with that you get all you need to succeed as a trader. Our tools cover all important aspects of successful trading and our Discord group serves as a source of inspiration, knowledge, interaction with other traders, and much more. 

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This is truly different! We are overwhelmed by the incredible great feedback we have received.


I’ve been here for several months, actually one of Zeiirman’s first users. Much has happened since then and the service, indicators, strategies are constantly being developed. I’m very pleased with the edge the tools have given me. I’m using Reversal Algo, Trend&Contrarian, but actually, there are so many good indicators. :pray: I recommend the tools for anyone that want to be a professional trader. Zeiierman is trading himself so I gain a lot of insight just watching his examples trades and the strategies he provides. It’s a really good deal for what you get for your money. :blush:


Great set of indicators to be tried and tested while fine-tuning your trading approach/technique. Went through every indicator, and like a missing piece to a puzzle, one of these indicators will add value to your strategy. Highly recommended (Great community as well).


I am new to trading and I have tried out a couple of groups and indicators and Zeiierman is by far the best one. The indicators are accurate enough and I have already been able to make some good trades. The community and all the strategies and knowledge being shared have helped me tremendously 🙂 I use a couple of indicators and took the advice to combine them with market structure and it works well for me and my trading strategy. I would definitely say it’s worth the subscription.


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Our service provides everything you need as a trader. We cover all aspects of profitable trading. Our tools and their features make sure you get the relevant insights to make informed decisions.

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Save 10 % on our All-Inclusive Membership plan!