#1 Crypto Template

This is a suggested template that can be used for any market and timeframe. We call it Crypto Template since some users use it on Crypto. You find all indicators settings below. 

Indicators used

  • Range & Trend
  • Reversal Algo
  • Arithmetic Candlesticks
  • Trend Stability
  • Extreme SR Levels


1.0 Range & Trend

2.0 Reversal Algo

3.0 Arithmetic Candlesticks

In order to see the Arithmetic Candlesticks clearly on the chart you can:

1) Turn off the main candle (the eye icon on the top).

2) Or Double-click on the ticker name and just untick the Body, Borders, and Wick option. This way you will only see the Arithmetic Candlesticks, but you can choose the Scale Price Chart Only option (in addition to the Auto (Fits Data to Screen), so your chart will fit better on screen.

4.0 Trend Stability


Extreme SR Levels

  • Default Settings used


This is how the template looks like


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