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Arithmetic Candlestick

Capturing Trends with precise chart reading

Trend moves are some of the biggest moneymakers in trading, in fact, trading in the direction of the trend reduces the risk and increases the profit potential. The new Arithmetic Candlestick helps traders to do just that.

In a fast-moving and volatile market characterized by high-frequency algorithms, retailers’ traders have a hard time distinguishing the real trend from the noise. Arithmetic Candlesticks are designed to filter out the noise created by insignificant price moves and leave traders with the price action that matters, namely a clear and insightful chart reading. Due to its sophisticated mathematical calculations, the new Arithmetic candlesticks is able to analyze any market and timeframe in a matter of milliseconds. 

We at Zeiierman Trading build trading tools that aim to empower retailer traders. Arithmetic Candlestick is a cornerstone in our journey to simplify and to help traders make informed decisions.

Arithmetic High and Low

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“These are the best indicators I have seen so far, especially Arithmetic Candles.”