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Auto Fib Retracement – Real-Time

Fibonacci retracement is a popular technical analysis method to draw support and resistance levels. The Fibonacci levels are calculated between 2 swing points (high/low) and divided by the key Fibonacci coefficients equal to 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, and 100%. The percentage represents how much of a prior move the price has retraced. 

Our Auto Fib Retracement indicator analyzes the market in real-time and draws Fibonacci levels for you on the chart. Real-time fib levels use the current swing points, which gives a huge advantage when using them in your trading. You can always be sure that the levels are calculated from the correct swing, high and low. 

 The user can set the preferred swing move to scalping, trend trading, or swing trading. In this way, you can use our automatic fib indicator to do any type of trading. The auto fib works on any market and timeframe and displays the most important levels in real-time for you. 

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is powerful since it does the job for you in real-time. Apply it to the chart, set the swing move to fit your trading style, and leave it on the chart. The indicator does the rest for you. The auto Fibonacci indicator calculates and plots the levels for you in any market and timeframe. 

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