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Custom Coding for TradingView

Custom indicators, screeners, and strategies for TradingView. We custom code for TradingView. We customize code after your need!

Create something unique! 

Are you looking for creating your own indicator/strategy or screener for TradingView? We at Zeiierman Trading can help you to custom code an indicator, strategy with backtesting and screeners. We have extensive coding experience. 


Zeiierman Trading

Zeiierman Trading

Trusted by thousands of traders around the globe! 

“Nothing beats a good piece of code!”

Our Services

We offer 4 levels of custom coding. The price level depends on the time required, the level of complexity, and what type of coding you request.

All levels include coding/testing and refinements* of the code in accordance with the customer’s needs.

*up to 3 refinements per request.

Level 1

Up to 3 hours of coding.

Start fee: $100
$399 per request

Level 2

Up to 5 hours of coding.

Start fee: $100
$499 per request

Level 3

Up to 48 hours of coding.

Start fee: $100
$599 per request

Advanced - (Indicators/Screeners)

Up to 48 + hours of coding.

Start fee: $100
$999 per request

Advanced - (Strategies/Bots)

Up to 48+ hours of coding.

Start fee: $100
$1999 per request

If you do not have an active Premium or Bot subscription we are going to add $100 per request.


You get access to the source code if:

  • Using your own script.
  • Using standard indicators that are freely available.

You do not get access to the source code** if:

  • You want us to include indicators/codes that we at zeiierman trading already provide.
  • **You get access to the invite-only script. 

Your Idea!

We do only code if you already have a clear idea of what you want to be made. If you know what you want we can code it for you!

+ Details
  • If you want a custom indicator, please provide a detailed description of how you want it to behave, display and do. 


  • If you want a screener, please provide a detailed description of what you want to screen and how. 


  • If you want a strategy, please provide the exact entry/exit criteria, stop loss and take profit areas. Which indicators to use etc. 

Register your interest!

If you want to make use of this service please contact us at [email protected] and we can assess your idea before the payment.

You HAVE TO contact us before you make a payment!


Please contact us BEFORE you pay! All payments that are made without permission from Zeiierman Trading will be refunded and terminated immediately!

Custom Coding - Zeiierman Trading

One Time Payment


Terms of Custom Coding Services:
Custom coding agreements are established through email correspondence. Time estimates provided for each project are tentative and should be considered as approximations. Consequently, agreed-upon deadlines are inherently flexible. Coding is a complex and dynamic task; our team reserves the right to adjust the development pace as necessary to ensure the code’s full functionality. Regular updates on project progress will be communicated to keep you informed. Please note that custom coding projects are non-refundable. Once a sale is finalized, it cannot be reversed. This policy ensures that our team can allocate the necessary resources and attention to deliver high-quality, customized solutions. Read our Terms of Use here! All users must accept our Terms of Use prior to making a purchase.


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