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Z Algo Risk Reward

Used by 7-figures Traders

ZAlgo is used and developed by 7-figures traders. Get the ZAlgo strategies in our Discord and start trading like a professional!


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We have taken years of experience and developed tools that make a difference! Our Indicators & Strategies are designed to work effectively in any market & timeframe.

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We are professional 6 figure traders, using our tools daily. We actively share our results in Discord.

Trading Results

Speaks for itself

We teach our users to trade with the same strategy we do. We share our results to keep transparency.

Trading Results

The statistics above relate to past data. Past performance is not indicative of future results. 

Trading Results

Speaks for itself

We teach our users to trade with the same strategy we do. We share our results to keep transparency.

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We have 2 trading coaches that are ready to learn you everything about how to stay successful.

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Wave Trend Strategy

Used by hundreds of traders around the globe

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Onsens FX Algo

Onsens FX Algo

All-in-one FX Tool that helps you trade the FOREX market smarter! Comes with a proven strategy explained by our FX-Trader!

Trend Algo

Real-Time Buy & Sell Signals

Trend Algo (Expo) is an automated Trend System that works by identifying high probability trend reversal signals, trading range signals as well as trend scalping signals. This Trend System is developed to catch the next trend and provide clarity in the current trend direction. Enhancing your chart reading today.




With a simple strategy, you will be able to trade any market and timeframe! Our BellCurve strategy is well proven and used by our traders!

Liquidity Signals

Shortcut To The Best Market Analysis

Our liquidity algorithm scan 15 markets and 2 timeframes for liquidity areas and liquidations and send real-time alerts to our discord server. Stay ahead and updated! Never miss a key market event. These signals are used by professional traders around the globe.

Trade with Confidence!
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The indicators are accurate enough and I have already been able to make some good trades. The community and all the strategies and knowledge being shared have helped me tremendously. I use a couple of indicators and took the advice to combine them with market structure and it works well for me and my trading strategy. I would definitely say it’s worth the subscription.

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Save 30 % on our All-Inclusive Membership plan!


How does it work?

Once you purchase a plan for our all-inclusive membership, you get instant access to our 80 +premium indicators as well as full access to our 7 advanced algos/system. Our tools work on the free plan of TradingView, you don't need to upgrade to use our tools.

Information we need to grant you access:

  1. Tradingview Username
  2. Discord Username (If you have one). ZeiiermanVIP access gives you Strategies, Trading Setups, Callouts, Indicators Settings, and Education. You will also have the chance to interact with our members and professional traders.

Everything is explained in the instruction email and on the thank-you page. You can read more here: https://zeiiermantrading.com/get-started/

How do I access the predefined Strategies & Setups?

You find our strategies and setups in our Discord Group. Join the group! In order to get access to the strategies and setups, you have to be a ZeiiermanVIP member. When you purchase one of our memberships plan and have let us know your Discord Username you will have ZeiiermanVIP access.

If you don't have Discord, we can send you some of our strategies and setups to your email address.

Markets & Timeframes?

Our tools work in any market and timeframe.

How much experience do I need?

Our tools and system can be used by anyone with ease.


Our tools are well-designed and can be customizable to fit your trading style.

What is Zeiierman Trading?

We are a small team of talented professionals traders with a wide range of skills and experience. We have been coding indicators and systems for more than 8-years and have already launched several fully automated trading bots. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to having you onboard!

Our history is great:
We have worked with a Swedish risk capitalist where we served as a strategic investment advisor and provided investment strategies.


Trading is changing: More and more, traders prefer brands that make us feel part of something bigger, connected around common causes or beliefs. Our Indicators and Systems aim to bring like-minded people together to be part of a fast-growing community that challenges the conventional way to trade.


Zeiierman’s algorithms integrate millions of data points, calculates, and bring clarity to the chart. Our cutting-edge algorithms work in any market and timeframe. Stocks, Forex, Currencies & Commodities.

#1 Provider with the best tools available

We are proud and honored to be the number 1 top provider for Trading Tools & Systems for Tradingview. We offer a variety of highly useful trading indicators and strategies that anyone can use to become a professional trader.

We are the first and the only provider that offers a fully backtesting algorithm, where the user gets access to the backtest in real-time. This makes that you can feel more confident in our tools.


  • You can be confident that you're using the absolute best tools available up to date.
Competitive pricing

Hear the reasoning from one of our users:

"I have been around for a while and trying different services, what I can say from my experience is that Zeiierman provides indicators that have high quality and are useful. Compared with other similar Algos I would say zeiierman is the top one since you get the same tools as other vendors + so much more! I might be biased since I have been a member for some months but I love it and can recommend it. Can't see why to use other services when you can get everything in one place for less price"



    • Monthly plan: $95.2
    • Quarterly plan: $257.04 (Save 10%)
    • Yearly Plan: $759.7 (Save 33.5%)



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    Save 30 % on our All-Inclusive Membership plan!


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