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Improve your mental performance when trading

To be a successful trader, the right mindset is essential. You have to be able to control your mind and emotion when trading. Trading is the most uncertain thing you can ever do, and this causes strong emotions. Mental strength is thus absolutely fundamental to your trading success. 

In reality, the trading brain is a combination of the right investment and market knowledge with the right mental skills.

How can we boost our mental skills as a trader? 

This article will explain how one of the best all-natural nootropics can boost your mental performance. CILTEP, or its new name NEUROFUEL is designed to take your mental power to the next level, using 100% natural and proven ingredients. 

Ciltep boost your trading performace

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Ciltep is, without a doubt, one of the most widely available nootropics on the market today. It’s the world’s 1st open sourced nootropic stack. It is well-known among business people, high performers, poker players, traders, athletes, students, scientists, coders, and creative thinkers. It popularly comes from numerous benefits such as more intelligent thinking, improved positive mood, superb concentration, impressive mental energy & motivation, amazing memory, and increased focus. In other words, NeruFuel is used to enhance individual mental performance.

Natural Stacks, the makers of Neurofuel, promise “increased motivation, improved concentration, mood, and enhanced ability to study.” 

There are no doubts around the world that this nootropic significantly impacts your mental performance. Exactly what you need to have as a Trader! 

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Give Neurofuel a try! 

CILTEP Pros and Cons


  • Increase in motivation and mental perseverance
  • Impressive mental energy
  • Improvement in focus and concentration
  • Better mood and social ease
  • Advancement in learning and memory
  • Clears brain fog
  • A simple formula that provides near-permanent effects
  • No temporary stimulants like caffeine
  • 100% open-sourced ingredients. 
  •  All-natural


  • It can take up to 1-3 weeks to feel the effects. However, some users feel an immediate effect. 

Summary of what Ciltep/Neurofuel is

Ciltep is a small but powerful formula in a bottle. It makes excellent use of nootropics. They work together to provide total brain optimization. Ciltep’s ingredients differ slightly from those found in other nootropics, but this does not diminish its power. Instead, Ciltep’s four-ingredient formula is one of the most powerful we’ve seen so far.

Ciltep is a well-known name in the nootropics industry. CILTEP is an acronym that stands for “chemically induced long-term potentiation.” The name is the foundation upon which this nootropic supplement operates. It was one of the first proper nootropic supplements to be introduced, following Alpha Brain and Optimind. Despite being in the market for so long, Ciltep has satisfied us and continues to have a strong, loyal customer base.

What is the function of Ciltep?

Ciltep affects the brain by promoting Long Term Potentiation (LTP). That is, it strengthens the synapses (or neural junctions). The nootropic supplement works by going after the source of cognitive decline and brain fog. Ciltep works by optimizing and correcting neural connections. Furthermore, the effects of Ciltep are long-lasting.

If this sounds complicated, know that LTP is one of humans’ primary cellular mechanisms underlying learning and memory. 

When neural communication is improved, you are more efficient at whatever you do. Ciltep claims to naturally strengthen the connection between neurons. This enhances learning, focus, memory, and mood.

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Give Neurofuel a try! 

How Should You Take Ciltep?

The official website suggests taking 1-3 capsules of Ciltep per day on an empty stomach. Alternatively, you can consult with your doctor about the appropriate dosage. In any case, take at most three capsules per day.

Should Ciltep be ‘Cycled’?

The official website recommends taking 1-2 days off from Ciltep consumption weekly. Cycling, as it is commonly known, helps the body reset.

Is Ciltep a Nootropic You Should Try?

Ciltep is a well-studied nootropic stack. This is also evident from the short but potent list of ingredients. With only a few ingredients, the nootropic has helped thousands of people all over the world.

Ciltep is a tried-and-true nootropic supplement with a slew of fans who swear by it on a regular basis. So, if you’re looking for an all-natural solution to help with brain fog and daily efficiency, this might be your supplement.

Is Neurofuel Safe?

There are currently no published studies on the safety of Neurofuel. However, there have been no reports of any life-threatening or dangerous reactions to this nootropic.

However, anyone under the age of 18 should avoid using Neurofuel. Because the effects of nootropic substances on developing brains are mostly unknown, it is best to play it safe.

Improved mental performance can help you become a better trader!

With all the excellent effects that users worldwide have claimed, the formula is worth trying! 

Zeiierman is a massive fan of Ciltep and has been using it for many years. I have clearly noticed a difference in my mental performance and overall results in life, at the trading desk, in learning and focus. It has been a good way for me to focus more on what’s important, in the end, getting more done at a better quality.  

Use the code: zeiiermantrading15 and get 15% off

Give Neurofuel a try! 


If for whatever reason, you’re unsatisfied with your Natural Stacks supplements, you can keep the full bottle on us, and we’ll refund your money. If anything after the first bottle, we’ll ask that you return it for a refund.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Professional Trader

Zeiierman is a professional Trader and founder of Zeiierman Trading. He specializes in Trading Strategy Optimization and has been fascinated with Trading since 2010. Zeiierman served as a risk advisor for funds and risk capitalists before he became a full-time trader. Zeiierman’s goal is to share the best trading tools and strategies so you can get the edge you deserve!

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