Momentum Oscillator -Dynamic & Flow (Expo) is a fast-moving, sensitive oscillator that makes use of momentum in various ways. The indicator has two additional layers (Buy & Sell moves) and (Extremes) which makes it reacts quickly to price changes.

The indicator displays overbought and oversold areas as well as extreme areas and how aggressive buyers and sellers are. It does also displays potential reversal points or potential pullbacks.

The following momentum modes are displayed:

1. Where momentum begins
2. Where momentum is strong
3. Where momentum begins to stall

  • Where momentum begins to stall is displayed as a red and green color on the momentum line.
  • Where momentum begins (light green and light red color) and where it’s strong (dark green and dark red color) is displayed as upper and lower lines. The darker these lines are the stronger is the momentum.
  • Potential reversal or pullback is displayed as a blue color on the signal line.

♢ The indicator has inbuilt suggested buy & sell- and stop-loss signals. These signals have flexible settings, so a fast, slow, and sensitive mode can be enabled.

All types of momentum oscillators produce divergences and so does Momentum Oscillator Dynamic & Flow (Expo). Divergences occur when the oscillator deviates from the trending price action. Bullish divergence is then when the trending price makes a lower low but the oscillator makes a higher low. Bearish divergence is then when the trending price makes a higher high but the oscillator makes a lower high.


1. Use the indicator to identify overbought/oversold areas, as well as extreme modes.
2. Use the indicator to display momentum in various ways.
3. Use the indicator to confirm the existence, or a continuation, of a trend.
4. Use the indicator to identify potential reversal points or potential pullbacks.


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