“It has never been easier to find high probability trades”

Reversal Algo (Expo) is an automated Reversal System that analyzes the market in real-time and identifies high probability short term and long term trend reversal- and scalping signals as well as key market zones, and trends. The adaptive and unique reversal bands act as support & resistance zones, and together with the trend tracking feature, it serves as a trend confirmation. The system does also comes with a Top & Bottom finder that detects potential tops and bottoms that can be used as scalping entries or take profit points.

This Reversal System is developed to catch both short term and long term trend reversal and provide clarity in the current trend direction. The system aims to make it easier to come in early in a new trend as well as to stay longer in that trend. One of the main features is that the system has already filtered out false and choppy signals and aims to leave the most accurate ones.

One of the main goals was to make a system that works well without having Heiken Ashi candles. However, if you apply the system to Heiken Ashi candles you will have an additional layer of noise filtering.

Key differences between Trend Algo and Reversal Algo are that Reversal Algo is more responsive to price action and has a dynamic and adaptive Reversal cloud. The Reversal Algo does also has the tops/bottoms finder. These two systems can be used together.

The user can enable the following:

  • ATR Trailing Stop – Helps to identify the trend as well as where to have your stop loss.
  • Trend Tracking Line – Helps to identify Strong trends and areas of trend reversals.
  • Trend Steps- Helps to highlight where the current trend direction has found a new base.
  • Reversal Band – Helps to identify the trading range, strong trends, and areas of reversals.
  • Trend Scalping Dots – Helps to keep track of the short term price action.

Noise- and Signal filters:

  • Depending on your trading style you can choose between different trend filters and signals sensitivities.

Real-Time Alerts
No Repainting
Works on any market and in any timeframe

The indicator can be used standalone or as a part of your current trading strategy.


  • Use the indicator to identify reversal signals.
  • Use the indicator to identify trends.
  • Use the indicator to identify tops & bottoms signals.
  • Use the indicator to identify scalping signals.


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