█ Trade & Risk Management Tool (Expo) is a sophisticated and complete trading tool that helps traders manage their position and risk. This tool makes risk and trade management simple and convenient; literally, anyone can use it. The key feature is its ability to set the stop-loss automatically.

█ The key feature of this tool is that it sets the stop loss automatically depending on the current market characteristics; in other words, it’s a stop-loss that adapts dynamically and optimizes to suggest the best possible stop-loss at that time. In addition, the user can set the preferred risk-reward, and the tool will automatically calculate the RR and Take Profit Levels for you. There is also a possibility to add up to 4 take profit levels, all based on your set RR.

The Auto Stop-loss feature comes with even more customization, and the trader can enable a trailing stop and set a custom stop-loss instead of using the default one.

█ The Trade & Risk Management Tool also calculates the current position P&L in points/pips or %. Positions size is automatically calculated based on the account size and % of the capital you want to risk. In addition, we have added Expected Return in % for the active position. This is a feature that experienced traders commonly use. Set the Probability of Gain and the Probability of Loss, and the tool will calculate the expected return based on the SL and TP. The probability of gain/loss can be calculated using historical data or for experienced traders by making an educated guess.

█ Why is this tool needed?
Trade & Risk management is a key concept to grasp and use in your trading, and it’s one of the most critical aspects that will determine your long-term success in this industry. The market is uncertain, and it’s impossible to know what the future holds. The only way to take control of the unknown is to have a sound risk management system that ensures you don’t blow your account in one trade. Therefore all traders need to understand the importance of using a risk- and money management tool that calculates and provides stop-loss and take-profit levels in real-time. This way, you will always know where to take your stop-loss and secure profit.

The position size calculator prevents you from taking too much risk and the predefined stop-loss and take-profit levels help you manage your position. The tool makes sure you maximize the profit potential while minimizing the losses. It also prevents you from taking too much risk.

It all comes down to managing the risk and managing profit. Make sure that you always know how much you can risk at each trade, where to put your stop-loss, and take profit. A general rule is to find a good balance between reward and risk (RR), preferably a risk-reward ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, where your targeted profits are always double that of your maximum losses.

█ This trading tool makes something so important so easy for you, and it’s a must-have to succeed in trading for the long term.

Use the tool to manage your active position.


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