Welcome to SMC Introduction Course!

This course gives a complete understanding of how to follow the footprint of institutions, so-called Smart Money. We are going to learn how SMC positions itself and how SMC finds liquidity.

The course is based on how our SMC indicator is built, and the idea is that you should be able to use our SMC indicators to trade these techniques.

Smart Money Concept is about how the market is affected by large market players. They have the power to control the market and the price movements due to their enormous resources. For example, the Forex Market is the world’s biggest financial market regarding volume and liquidity; all countries and banks/institutions are somehow involved in the Forex market. Smart Money stands for around 97% of all volume executed in the Forex market. This means that retail traders only stand for approximately 3%, which means that retail traders have no power to affect the market. Therefore, it becomes necessary for retail traders to understand how Smart Money affect and controls the market so that we can follow in their footstep. The idea with SMC is that we should follow the big players in the market.


The number one key aspect that Smart Money has to take into account when the execute trades is liquidity. Smart Money needs to find enough market liquidity to get the position size they want, so they manipulate the market strategically to access liquidity. So-called liquidity hunt, stop loss hunt, and liquidity sweep/grab, liquidity inducement is seen in the market because this is the only way they can get the size they want.

Before you read any further, ensure that you have read our article about institutional footprints that give you a complete understanding of Smart Money’s impact on the financial markets.

What will you learn in this course?

We will not cover everything within the Smart Money Concept in this course. However, we will cover the most valuable SMC techniques, market structure, identifying order flow, and where and when Smart Money takes its positions. In addition, we will learn to understand how large market participants think and execute trades. This is enough to start trading like a professional. The following are included in this SMC course:


Market structure

  • Basic Market Structure
  • What is a swing Point/Fractal
  • Break of Market Structure
  • Change of Character
  • Current Trading Range

Premium and Discount

  • How to use Premium and Discount levels

Order Block

  • Standard Order block
  • Enhanced Order block
  • Rejection block


  • Liquidity engineering 
  • Liquidity inducement 
  • Liquidity grab/sweep 
  • BONUS: Previous Day High/Low Liquidity grab/sweep 

Market Phases

  • How to identify different market phases

Entry, Take Profit & Stop loss

  • Entry techniques
  • Take profit techniques
  • Stop loss techniques

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