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Our premium Indicators are built to give you an edge in any market and timeframe. We have indicators that suit all kinds of trading styles.


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Do like our professional traders and create your own unique combination of tools. Now you have the chance to truly find a strategy that works for you. 


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Our tools simplify historical data and provide you with the insight needed to make informed decisions. 


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With the use of well-designed indicators, you increase your profit potential. 

Check out our library of highly useful indicators! The value you get out of the membership is outstanding!

Trends, Pivots!

Linear Regression Trend

Linear Regression Trend (Expo) is one of our highly useful trend and scalping indicator. The unique calculations remove the noise and bring clarity to the chart. You have real-time Buy Signals and real-time Pivots! It’s a must for all traders since it fits all kinds of trading styles.

Linear Regression Trend

Trends, Scalping!

Arithmetic Candlestick 

Arithmetic Candlestick (Expo) uses complex and logical arithmetic mathematics to create a new way of reading charts. That is why we call it “Arithmetic” These candlesticks use real price data as the underlying source and aim to output the most relevant and most accurate price data to make informed decisions.

The advanced and highly innovative arithmetic calculations filter out the noise and smooth the price without significant lag. This makes the chart reading way much easier.

Trends, Pullbacks, Top/Bottom patterns!

ATR Trend & ATR Top/Bottom

ATR Trend & ATR Top/Bottom (Expo) is an advanced and multifunctional trading tool that gives insight into Trends, Pullbacks, and where Top/Bottom patterns can occur. The indicator is simple to use and understand therefore valuable to all trading styles.

Fractals, Top/Bottom, Retracement!


Fractals (Expo) make use of fractals to identify trends and reversals. The indicator is designed to adapt smoothly and quickly to significant price moves in order to identify trend reversals as well as filtering out noise in an established trend. The indicator is simple to use and understand therefore valuable to all trading styles.

Top & Bottom Finder!


BellCurves (Expo) is an extremely powerful indicator that aims to find Top & Bottom. Traders will have fully insights where the price have the potential to reverse. We at Zeiierman have created specific strategies using BellCurves (Expo).


Trends, Trailing Stop, Retracement!

Trend Candlestick 

Trend Candlestick (Expo) identifies the current trend and its strength, the indicator comes with a unique and highly valuable trailing stop as well as a retracement line which are part of a strategy we at Zeiierman have created.

This tool is for anyone that wanna be on the right side of the market.

Cumulative Trend, Pullbacks!

Cumulative Delta

Cumulative Delta (Expo) is the difference between buys and sells. The Delta is positive if there are more buys than sells and the Delta is negative if there are more sells than buys. If the Cumulative Delta is positive, then we have more aggressive buyers. If it is negative, we have more aggressive sellers. This is the basis of delta analysis.

The key consideration is that Cumulative Delta will generally move with the price and when it doesn’t, it is time to pay attention.

Cumulative Delta

Volume, Buy/Sell Volume!

Cumulative Volume Delta

Cumulative Volume Delta (Expo) identifies the difference between buying and selling volume at each price level. Volume analysis is an important part of successful trading since it helps you to identify and confirm correct price moves.

This indicator comes with real-time divergences + alerts!

Buy/Sell Pressure, Trend, breakout!

Buying/Selling Pressure 

Buying/Selling Pressure & Trend Strength/Direction (Expo)  identifies the current buying and selling pressure which easily can be compared to each other to get a feel about if the buyers or the sellers dominate the market. The indicator is also used to determine when the price is trending strongly and where there is a high probability for a pullback or trend reversal.

Buying Selling Pressure



Confirmation (Expo)  is a trading confirmation tool that can confirm any indicator, trend, setup, signal, or strategy. Once you have chosen the input source (any indicator) you can use the tool to confirm the trend, trend strength, overbought/oversold areas, retracements, and reversals. This tool is built for traders that already have a strategy or preferred indicator that they want to confirm. 

Breakout, Trend, Scalping!

Breakout & Trend & Scalping

Breakout & Trend & Scalping (Expo) gives insights about trend direction, trend strength, trend breakouts, and scalping impulses. The indicator is for traders that easily want to catch true breakouts, find reversals and retracements, and want to be able to gauge the trend strength. The indicator has various input sources: ATR (Default), VWAP , RSI , Average Trend and comes with Breakout Signals, Start of Trend Signals, and Take Profit Signals.

Trends Trading!

Trend Stability

Trend Stability (Expo) is a multifunctional trend trading tool that identifies all aspects of trend trading. The indicator helps traders to stay on the right side of the market, identify retracements, reversals, and trend strength. In addition to that, we have added momentum – moves for traders that want to do trend scalping. The candle coloring displays the current trend and gives early signs of trend reversals and retracements.


Volatility Index 

Volatility Index (Expo) identifies when volatility will increase or decrease!

Volatility can be referred to many things, but a commonly accepted definition of volatility is that it’s a measure of the risk or uncertainty in the market. Higher volatility is equal to more risk in the market.

A simple way of describing it is that when volatility is high, the value of the market can be spread out over a larger range of values. This means that the price of the market can change dramatically over a short time period in either direction. A lower volatility means that a market’s value does not fluctuate dramatically, and tends to be steadier.

Volatility Index is a must for a professional trader in today’s volatile markets.

Supply & Demand Zones!


Supply/Demand (Expo) It hasn’t been easier to display, in real-time, one of the most important and useful technical analysis , namely supply/demand zones. This algorithm analyzes the market structure in real-time and maps out key supply and demand zones for you.

Supply/Demand Zones (Expo) analyze the market structure in real-time and maps out key supply and demand zones. The user gets an instant understanding of the current market structure.

Buy & Sell Orders!

Buy & Sell Order

Buy & Sell Order (Expo) is a unique and important indicator that provides information about Buy & Sell order patterns. The indicator helps to identify real-time large Buy & Sell Orders that have a significant impact on the price. These buy and sell orders can be the start of a trend move or a sign of reversal.

The indicator is divided into a Sell-side (red zone) and a Buy-side (green zone) in order to highlight the different order flows. Greater candlesticks mean significant buy/sell orders! These are the ones we want to keep track of.

real-time Divergence, oscillator!

Trend Oscillator 

Trend Oscillator (Expo) measures the overall trend strength and how strong the current price move/momentum is. The indicator is leading since it can signal a possible trend change that is yet to start. The color of the histogram and its value helps to gauge the strength and momentum of the trend.

Liquidity Levels & Zones!

Liquidity Levels/Zones 

Liquidity Levels/Zones (Expo) automatically identifies and displays key liquidity levels/zones.

Liquidity describes the extent to which an asset can be bought and sold quickly, without affecting the price. It is a measure of how many buyers and sellers are present, and whether transactions can take place easily.

Levels/Zones are displayed where there is a significant level of trading activity and when there is both high supply and demand for an asset, security, or contract. These levels can leave clues for future price behavior and act as support/resistance zones. The trading activity can confirm the existence, or a continuation, of a trend or a trend reversal.

High Low Signal

Top/Bottom, Trend, Momentum!

High – Low Trend Indicator Signal

High – Low Trend Indicator Signal (Expo) makes use of trend pivots to identifies top/Bottom as well as TrendWaves. What makes this indicator special is that we have added declining momentum circles that identify reversal points in real-time!

Trend, Overbought, Oversold!

Parametric Oscillator

Parametric Oscillator (Expo) is an ATR-based indicator that both shows the momentum and overbought/oversold areas. Enable the price line and you will be able to find great entry/exit in trends and identify reversals early. 

This indicator is a good complement to Cumulative Delta (Expo).

Parametric Oscillator

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Popular Premium Indicators!

The value you get out of the membership is outstanding!

WaveTrend Momentum

WaveTrend Momentum (Expo) is a fast-moving, sensitive oscillator with a momentum layer that reacts quickly to price changes. The indicator displays how strong the current price move is and where momentum starts and stalls. The indicator has inbuilt suggested exit points.

Trend Cloud

Trend Cloud (Expo) is for everyone that wants to take trades in trends. The Trend cloud adapts to the volatility in order to filter out price noise. Traders get a clear view of the trend and can easily apply trend following strategies.

Intelligent Zones

Intelligent Zones (Expo) is for everyone that wants to display intelligent zones that act as support & resistance. The advanced calculations make sure that the levels are displayed where price has a high probability to react on. 

Auto Support/Resistance Levels

Auto Support/Resistance Levels (Expo) automatically identifies and displays key support and resistance levels. The user can enable short- term, medium-term, and long- term Auto SR Levels.

Smart Money

Buyers on Low - Sellers on High

 Buyers on Low – Sellers on High (Expo) This algorithm is based on how the “Smart Money” trade against the losing masses of Retail Traders. We have created a mapping algorithm that finds order blocks combined with accumulations and distribution, which leaves retailer traders with the same information as the smart money has. Which side do you wanna be part of?

On Balance Volume Flow

On Balance Volume Flow

On Balance Volume Flow (Expo) identifies buying and selling pressure at extreme points. On Balance Volume Flow (Expo) is primarily used to identify potential turning points and areas of congestion.

Extreme SR Levels/Zones

Extreme SR Levels/Zones (Expo) automatically searches and prints key support and resistance levels based on “extreme” high & low values. When the extreme condition is met there is a high probability that the market pauses, makes a pullback, or that the trend change direction. If the current trend is strong, the price will break up/down from the previous extreme level.

Price Action - Level/Zone

Price Action – Level/Zone (Expo) identifies buying and selling pressure that has an impact on the price movement. This is visualized by a Zone, or with Barcolors depending on which settings are used.

Trend analysis - Take Profit

Trend analysis – Take Profit (Expo) is developed to visualize ‘Lock In Profits -points’ in trends. It’s a necessity for a professional trader to continuously take profit in order to grow their balance and to reduce their risk. 

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