Buy & Sell Order (Expo)

Buy/Sell Order (Expo) is a unique and important indicator that provides information about Buy & Sell order patterns. The indicator helps to identify real-time large Buy & Sell Orders that have a significant impact on the price. These buy and sell orders can be the start of a trend move or a sign of reversal.

Setting Panel Explained

  • Buy & Sell Order (Expo)

    After you have read about how the settings works, please check out the example settings at the end.


1.0 Standard Order Settings

  • Order Length: Order accumulation/distribution period, lower value means fast/less acc.dist, greater value means more acc.dist and order- pattern at more significant market points. Low value = ShortTerm, High value = LongTerm.

Add advanced Volume Pattern: The calculations look for a smoother order pattern.

Trend Orders – Looking for LongTerm orders.

Chart with Gapes – Enable this if you’re looking at stocks or other charts that have Gaps.

Activate Smoothing Calculations? – The output is multiplied and smoothed to visualize and extend the pattern. See the difference below.


1.1 – 1.4 Settings

Visual settings

Notice that you can set the Positive/Negative Candle color to green/red to see the shifts more clearly.


2.0 Volume Lines Settings

Lookback Volume: 0 means that limited volume bars are used, however, this setting has the most impact if you have enabled “Active Trend Volume”

If you have selected “Active Trend Volume”, a higher “Lookback Volume” means that you set the LongTerm volume drift.

Activate Trend Volume – Enables us to identify the overall volume-price direction.

Set Trend Volume Length: Adjust how sensitive the calculations should react to changes. Low value = quicker. This setting shall only be used if you have enabled “Active Trend Volume”

Active Aggressive Volume: This setting has the most impact if you have disabled “Active Trend Volume” It enhances the volume pattern and can be a nice feature to enable if you don’t use “Active Trend Volume”

Use Custom Source: If the chart does not have volume, enable this feature. Taking the volume pattern and applies it to the source you have selected. Should not be any big differences between the original volume pattern and Custom Source.

Custom Source: select any source that you want to push through the calculations!


2.1 Color Settings

Color settings for the Volume Lines


  • Below you find some example settings


#1 Trend with Quick Volume Lines

#2 Volume Drift

#3 Volume Peak


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