Trend Stability (Expo)

Trend Stability (Expo) is a multifunctional trend trading tool that identifies all aspects of trend trading. The indicator helps traders to stay on the right side of the market, identify retracements, reversals, and trend strength. In addition to that, we have added momentum – moves for traders that want to do trend scalping. The candle coloring displays the current trend and gives early signs of trend reversals and retracements.

Setting Panel Explained

  • Trend Stability (Expo)


Trend Stability ToolTip

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  • All settings are explained directly in the setting panel. Hover over the tooltip and a description will pop up that explains what the parameter does. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Below you find some Tips & Trick as well as some example settings


Trend Stability Oscillates


The first thing to understand is that the Trend Stability Line oscillates between 0 – 100! When the Trend Stability Line is at 0 we have a strong negative trend and when the Trend Stability Line is at 100 we have a strong positive trend.

The Speed of the oscillations is set under “Oscillator Trend Length” A lower value means that it oscillates quicker hence identifying trend shift earlier.


Notice!  When you set the Oscillator Trend Length to 1 the code identifies negative spikes. These spikes can predict a Bottom! Let’s say you have a strong Bullish Trend and you want to find the next pullback to buy. Set the Oscillator Trend Length to 1 and you gonna be able to find the pullback.

> However, a negative spike can also be the first sign of a trend reversal!


Trend Stability Negative Spike
Scalping_Trend Stability

Scalping in Trends

Make sure to enable the Scalping Oscillator!

This feature helps you to find great pullbacks in trends as well as can give you great Take Profit Points.

The idea is that you want to Buy when the Trend Stability Line is Green and when the Scalping Oscillator is red (oversold). The Opposite for going Short. The Trend Stability Line should is red and when the Scalping Oscillator is green (Overbought).


> You find the settings for this example under the section “Examples”


Trend Stability +Scalping


  • Below you find some example settings


#1 Negative momentum-moves

#2 Trend + Scalping Oscillator


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