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Become a Strategy Trader!

Strategy Trader

Zeiierman provides many unique and useful indicators that have enormous potential if you use them together with a strategy. To have a trading strategy is a fundamental part of trading and there is no chance to survive in the industry without one. Successful traders have developed a thoughtful strategy that they follow blindly.

We all read charts differently, we find different indicators more useful than others and we trade different markets. This means that many strategies can be developed and leveraged.

We at Zeiierman want to premiere users that have developed their unique strategy using our tools.

Do you have the right trading strategy, discipline, and mindset to be our next Strategy Trader?

Pass our evaluation and get 1-year free premium membership as well as a 20% lifetime discount afterward.


Unlock the true potential in our indicators!


Simple Process


Join our Premium/Bot Membership

Join our Premium or Bot Membership and get access to all our indicators! Try them out, play around with the settings and find what works for you.


Create a unique strategy

When you have found indicators that work for you, create a strategy out of it. The Strategy shall have clear rules, Entry, Exit, Stop Loss, and Take Profit conditions. You should of course trade the strategy yourself.


Pass our evaluation

Send us your proposed strategy and we will evaluate it based on: Entry, Exit, Stop Loss, Take Profit, and money/risk management approach.

Strategy Trader




Provide us with an easy-to-understand, convenient, and well-thought-out strategy with clear rules. Do the research needed and be confident in that RR and approximate winning rate.

Send the strategy in Powerpoint/Word format with description, strategy idea, which indicators to use, entry/exit, stop loss/take profit conditions as well as money/risk management approach. Please provide us with at least 5 examples of successful trades and as well as some examples of losing trades.

Send your strategy to the following email:

Subject “Strategy Member”

[email protected]