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Identify the trend right away!

Trend Average

Trend Average (Expo) measures the overall trend strength and how strong the current price move/momentum is. The color of the average helps to identify the strength and momentum of the trend.

The user can enable Bar Color that colors the candlesticks based on the trend strength.

This indicator is for those that don’t want to have the Trend Oscillator (Expo) but still want to keep track of the trend strength and direction. There is a minor difference in how the trend is calculated due to the nature of input variables.

Real-Time Divergence!

Trend Oscillator 

Trend Oscillator (Expo) measures the overall trend strength and how strong the current price move/momentum is. The indicator is leading since it can signal a possible trend change that is yet to start. The color of the histogram and its value helps to gauge the strength and momentum of the trend.

  • The user can enable Bar Color that colors the candlesticks based on the trend strength.

Complete Tweezer Strategy!

Enhanced Tweezer Strategy 

Tweezer Top/Bottom Pattern (Expo) indicator identifies real-time Tweezer Top and Tweezer Bottom in any market and in any timeframe. This is an enhanced version of the pattern which enables higher accuracy, and noise filtering. In addition to that, Tweezer Levels can be displayed which can be used in many different ways, for instance, as a stop loss level, or to confirm the signal.

Real-Time Momentum Indicator!

Momentum Oscillator [Dynamic & Flow]

Momentum Oscillator -Dynamic & Flow (Expo) is a fast-moving, sensitive oscillator that makes use of momentum in various ways. The indicator has two additional layers (Buy & Sell moves) and (Extremes) which makes it reacts quickly to price changes.

The indicator displays overbought and oversold areas as well as extreme areas and how aggressive buyers and sellers are. It does also displays potential reversal points or potential pullbacks.

Trend Insights from chosen Time frame!

Higher TimeFrame Trend Candles

Higher TimeFrame Candles (Expo) identifies the trend from Higher TimeFrame and displays a Zone where the trend changes. It is an effective and convenient way of getting a broader picture of the market and you will always be sure that you’re trading in the same direction as the higher timeframe trend.

The user can choose which time frame to use. Heikin Ashi Trend can be displayed.

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful” – Warren Buffett.

Fearzone & Greedzone Levels – Contrarian & Breakout 

Fearzone & Greedzone Levels – Contrarian & Breakout (Expo) is a contrarian and breakout indicator that gives us an indication of when fear and greed begin to take over in the market. Traders should be prepared for increased volatility and good trading opportunities.

This indicator can both be used to identify potential reversal points and be used to identify breakouts from previous Fear and Greed Levels.

Great entries in Trends!

Trend Scalper 

Trend Scalper (Expo) is a Scalping strategy based on RSI , Stochastic and moving averages techniques. The idea is to visualize scalping opportunities in trends.

Filter out noise!

Adaptive Trend

Adaptive Trend (Expo) identifies noise-free trends. This enables professional traders to stay longer in trends and hence increase profit potential.

Trends, Trend Sentiment, Trend Levels!

Intelligent Trend

Intelligent Trend (Expo) is a powerful trend visualization tool with real-time decision points. The indicator analyzes the current trend and identifying areas where a new Trend decision should be made. Trend sentiments levels and Trend Line is included in order to visualize the trend more clearly.

Stochastic, MACD – Double-Cross!

[Stochastic, MACD – Double-Cross] – Signal

[Stochastic, MACD – Double-Cross] – Signal (Expo) is the famous Double Cross Strategy that uses Stochastic together with MACD to generate Long Signals. 

Stochastic Signals!

Stochastic – Signal 

Stochastic (Expo) is a popular momentum indicator that reacts quickly to price changes. This enhanced version has inbuilt signals as well as trend confirmation lines.

RSI Signals and RSI Trend Confirmation!

RSI – Signal

RSI – Signal (Expo) is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed (velocity) and change (magnitude) of recent price movements. This indicator does also shows a Trend RSI which helps traders to confirm the trend direction.

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